Monday, May 30, 2011


 First of all I want to wish everyone a
Happy Memorial Day!
Our hearts go out to those we have loved and lost.

Now I did a little project today, it may be a little picture heavy since it is a first post showing these kinds of here goes.
I worked on my threshold today.
I needed a new coco mat and ordered it from here. They had great prices and I found a coupon online. I needed a large one since I have double doors. They also were the thick ones and not rubber backed.  A more substantial look I think. Once that came I realized that the threshold needed to be redone, isn't that how it always goes! Anyways, that is what I did I have to paint the doors and trim. That is another post!
Enjoy and have a lovely day!

 Here are some befores......

Front door-Before
Yes, I have French Doors as front doors
  • Love them!
Old doormat with tired threshold
Close up of wear and tear

Coco Mat Company-Yay!
Supplies-I had on hand

New doormat with redone threshold

So much better!
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  1. Wow! I didn't realize how handy you are. The threshold looks amazing.

    ---hey, were you coming over today? It's after 8pm so I guess not. haha